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Fair & Festivals
Banganga Fair
Ganesh Chaturthi
Karni Mata Fair
Marwar Festival
Sitabari Fair
Baneshwar Fair
Gangaur Festival
Khatu Shyamji Fair
Desert Festival
Kajli Teej
Mahavir Ji Fair
Mewar Festival
Summer Festival
Braj Mahotsav
Gogaji Fair
Khetlaji Fair
Nagaur Fair
Camel Festival
Sheetla Mata Fair
Elephant Festival
Kapil Muni Fair
Kite Festival
Pushkar Fair
Urs (Ajmer)
Chandrabhaga Fair
Kailadevi Fair
Kota Dussehra
Ramdevra Fair
Shekhawati Fair



Rajasthan, is a colourful desert. The unconvincing Thar Desert and with it all the barren land of Rajasthan has much to offer through the plethora of celebrations. Festivals and fairs, music and dances, turns the land to a creative fertile basin. Season heralded with a festive fervour and cattle marts turn into delightful fairs. Festivals hold an unusual lure for the Rajasthanis and they have any number of reasons to celebrate. Pageantry is in the form of weddings or rituals, or to promote trade. Each region has their own form of Folk entertainment, own Traditions, own dialect adding to the Indian diversity. Pushkar Fair, Desert festival, Elephant Festival and Camel festival are internationally famous and are not to be missed.

These festivals born out of age-old traditions, adorns the golden land and unveils the best with vulnerable colours. Colours that are alive and unrestricted, and unifies each soul who visits this magic land. There's a rhythm, there's a jest, a passion, a spirit of romance, a valour, a feel of being one with the blonde landscape. This spirit of celebration is like Desert Rains, hidden in the Aravalli bosom, unfolding its feather with each festival.