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TEMPLES - Shiv Bari Temple

Shiv Bari TempleShiv Bari Temple (6 kms from Bikaner)
Fortified by a high wall the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Maharaja Doongar Singh constructed it in the ninth century in the memory of his father Maharaj Lall Singhji. The temple has a beautiful wall panting of Nandi Bull facing the Shiva Lingam. This is located on the way to the camel town.


Devi Kund

Devi Kund (8 kms from Bikaner)Cenotaphs (Chhatris)
The royal crematorium has several exquisite cenotaphs (Chhatris). Each Chhatri is dedicated to the memory of rulers of Bikaji dynasty and is situated on the exact place where they were cremated. The Chhatri of Maharaj Surat Singh is a fine example of architecture. The ceilings of the Chhatris displays some delicate Rajput paintings.

Deshnok Temple

Deshnok Temple-Karni Mata TempleDeshnok is a small village situated 32 km south from Bikaner city along the Jodhpur Road. It is connected by national highway and rail. It is a pilgrim centre of Karni Mata. Karni Mata, considered as an incarnation of Goddess Durga lived here in the fourteenth century and performed many miracles. Originally the village was called 'dus- nok' meaning ten corners as it was formed by taking ten corners of ten villages.

Before the temple is a beautiful marble facade, which has solid silver doors built by Maharaja Ganga Singh. Across the doorway are more silver doors with panels depicting the various legends of the Goddess. The image of the Goddess is enshrined in the inner sanctum.

Deshnok Temple-Karni Mata TempleThe temple is also famous for its holy rodents who are revered as 'Kabas'. It is believed that one of the younger children of the Goddess was drowned to death. Karni Mata then ordered the God of death Yama to bring him back to life. This was not possible for Yama, but Karni Mata as the incarnate of Durga could do so herself. So she got him back to life as a rodent and ordered that no member of the family would die but be reborn as Kaba. It is considered highly fortunate if a Kaba runs over your feet. With so many of them around it is highly unlikely that you wont get blessed. Sighting any white one, which are very few in number is lucky and good for the spiritual enhancement. The temple walls have convenient holes to permit a free passage-way for the Kabas and the roof has a wire grill on the top to prevent the birds of prey and other predators from harming the rodents.

At the temple you can buy prasad of sugar balls to feed the rodents. The priest as an act of anointment puts a tikka of ash, from the holy fire in the inner sanctum, on your forehead. No shoes are allowed inside the temple.

Timings 4 AM to 10 PM
Camera Fee Rs 20
Video Fee Rs 50