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FORTS & MONUMENTS - Dilwara Temples(3 km)

Mount Abu was an important Vaishnava and Shaivite pilgrim center up to the 11th century. Today, it is recognized the world over for it's magnificent Jain temples. No visit to Abu can be complete without a trip to the famed Dilwara temples. These temples are the greatest draw of Abu, apart from its salubrious clime. Half hidden by mango groves their sober exterior belies the wealth of their interior ornamentation. Wondrously carved in marble, the Dilwara temples enshrine various Jain tirthankaras, saints. Built between the 11th and 13th century, are famous for their superb carvings in marble.

Vimal Vasahi is the oldest temple, was built by Vimal Shah, Minister of Solanki ruler of Gujarat in 1031 A.D. It is dedicated to Adinath, the first of the Jain tirthankaras. Constructed out of white marble from Arasoori Hill, near Ambaji, 23 km from Abu Road, It is an outstanding example of Jain temple architecture.

The central shrine has an image of Rishabhdev and large courtyard with 52 small shrines, each housing a beautiful statue of thirthankaras with 48 elegantly carved pillars from the entrance to the courtyard.

The Vasahi Temple, dedicated to me 22nd tirthankara. - Neminath was built in 1231 A .D by two brothers - Vastupal and Tejpal, Minister of Raja Virdhavala, a ruler of Gujrat belonging to the Porwal Jain community.
The door casings, friezes, architraves, pillars, the sculptures of porticos, are astonishing in their workmanship.
Rewards in the from of silver and gold equivalent to the weight of marble covered, were offered to the laborer. A great deal of inspiration, devotion, love and encouragement was involved in the construction of this temple.
The most striking feature of this Jain temple built in the Solanki style of architecture is the marble pendant in the dome of the porch. It drops from the ceiling like an enchanting cluster of half-open lotuses with cups so finely carved that they appear to be transparent.

Timing : 1200 to 1500 hrs for Tourists entry free. Photography not allowed.

Gurushikhar(15 km)

The highest peak on the mount (1722 mts above the sea level) allows a bird eye view of the sylvan surroundings of Mount Abu.
A small shrine and a temple of Dattatreya standing on the shikhar are worth a visit.

Toad Rock

Overhanging the Nakki Lake, so called because of its likeness to gigantic toad about to leap into the water.

Sunset Point

It provides a lovely view of the setting sun, South-West of Nakki lake, where the sun gradually drowns itself in the azure sky between two mountain peaks, steps lead up to high terrace which offers an awe inspiring view of the setting sun.